Who would want a 15 year old dog, I was asked…?

A dog who has a permanently dislocated back leg, limited sight and hearing, a hear murmur and a hernia.

A dog who was rescued more than ten years ago, loved by his very own family and, through no fault of his own, found himself, at the ripe old age of (at least) 15, with no mummy, no family, frightened and confused.

This old man didn’t ‘land’ in just anyone’s care though.

(insert drum roll) Mrs PFT to the rescue!!

This amazing little rescue group, championed by Mrs PFT and lovingly supported with pram pushing and bowl washing by Mr PFt, thought someone may just want a 15 year old dog.

So, Mrs PFT set about posting this little man’s picture on the PFT FB page, wrote a ‘standard’, heartfelt story, as if dictated by the little man himself. And, as the universe would have it, a couple who had been stalking the PFT FB page for some time, spoke with their other two fur babies and gathered the courage to e-mail Mrs PFT, offering their home and hearts.

Toby1 After checking their e-mail at least 147 times, Mrs PFT replied…

“I need to ask you questions to get an idea of you and your home” she said.

We replied…and waited.

“You are PERFECT for young Toby” eventually came the reply.

So, while Toby spent the next couple of nights bewildered, sad and safely tucked in Mr and Mrs PFT’s bed, his future family counted the seconds, yes seconds, until they could collect him.

What followed was one of the most treasured experiences – my best friend by my side, meeting Mrs PFT, the fury residents of Chateau PFT and, the meeting of the gorgeous Toby.


In less than a month, Toby has brought tears to our eyes, made us laugh, filled our hearts with love and become an absolute treasured family member. And, just when we think our hearts are full to the brim, every new day sees us love him more.


So I ask you, who on earth WOULDN’T want a 15 year old dog…? 😉

Toby4 Tpby5



Whilst in care at PFT, Stan the Man made the Sunday Morning Herald in the Adopt Me section.

The reports were correct – he is a cute little terrier scruffy mix. Mrs PFT’s wish was to be inundated with wonderful enquiries and that Stan the Man would be in his home by Christmas. There were only 9 more days to go.


And wouldn’t you know it, Mrs PFT and STAN the MAN did it.

He went & got himself a new home. Just in time for Christmas too. He left Chateau PFT only 3 days shy of Christmas day.

Stan found himself a beautiful home, with beautiful people & Stan the Man was going to have a beautiful life.

Stan was microchipped and his owners were in fact sent a letter. However, they never came to reclaim him. He spent 19 long days at the pound and never once lost his sense of humour.

His new Mummy (and her daughter) are going to spoil this little guy so very much.

Congratulations Stan the Man – you just keep on WOWING everyone you meet. ♥♥


Bingo Brush

Bingo’s gone…… he left this morning to start his 2 week adoption trial with his lovely new owners. I couldn’t be happier. Such a gentle family who are already very smitten with my beautiful boy. Bingo will have his new girlfriend Lilly all to himself and three kids to manipulate cuddles from all day long. There were a few tears all round, which is only to be expected when such a special pooch leaves your home forever. Bingo’s new life now begins, in his new home with his new mum & dad. Bingo Brush – he certainly touched my heart.






Dear little Arnold’s trial for adoption has now been finalised. One week earlier than expected. His new mum Mary-Ann is beside herself with excitement and says it feels like Arnold has been part of their life forever. She cannot imagine now being without him. He has settled in so well to his inner city living and gets to go on lots of walks and visits to cafes and pubs. What a lucky little bloke he is. All the best Arnold – you were my last save in 2011 and 2012 has certainly started off VERY nicely for you.

“Arnold” – my last rescue of 2011, went to his new home a couple of weeks ago and is living the life of cafes, lattes, puppacinos, doggie parks and much love from his besotted mum and dad the lovely Mary-Ann & Ryan. Today I received a beautiful update to report there was nothing but good news, of course! Mary-Ann stumbled accross a PET RESTAURANT where Arnold was fussed over – and loving it, of course! Mary-Ann says they are getting lost in his little personality and his gorgeous self. Thank you to them for searching for a rescue pooch on Petrescue and going through the long process of adoption. For them it has obviously been very well worth it. I wish them all the very best of happiness together. 






Pluto Pup

Today, just before driving up to your new home the song ‘Goodbye Stranger’ by Supertramp came on. I looked directly into your eyes and you seemed to be saying something to me. Like the song, I hope you were saying “And I will go on shining, shining like brand new… I’ll never look behind me, my troubles will be few”

Goodbye my little stranger, always keep safe. xxx

Today you started your new life in your new home with your new mommie. How happy was I to take you to Lake Munorah today & pass you over into such loving arms. The fact that your new mummy refuses to go to the shops next Monday and leave you on your own proves to me what a wonderful new home I found you. Your mummy has waited so long for you. We first scouted you on the Renbury Farm website and watched & waited for your due date. Then we scooped you up and loved you and made you better and happier before the time was right. And that time was today. Your new mummy is a very, very happy lady today. Good luck to both of you. You make a lovely couple!!! xxx

pluto pup6



Scooter Boy

‘Scooter Boy’ – has now been finally adopted. We are not sure how, because he was a NAUGHTY boy this weekend. His fur child was unable to cycle to school this week because ‘someone’ had ripped the padding out completely from a bike helmet!! His new mummy writes “Thank you for bringing the most beautiful, loving & playful little boy into our lives. We’ve only had him 2 weeks & feel he’s been part of the family forever. You & Mr PFT care about each & every dog that comes your way, even for short stays. I don’t know where you find the endless love!!”. Awwwww….. *wipe tear away*




Bently known as Tiny whilst at PFT, was adopted in Dec 2012 by John and Dorothy. He is a gorgeous little male Chihuahua weighing approximately 2.2 kgs.  Now 7.5 years old, he is such a character!!!!

Bently was microchipped but when the pound contacted his owners and they found they
would have to pay to have him released, they decided to leave him there.  They said they could get a new dog cheaper than what his rescue would cost.   So PFT rescued him and had extensive vetwork carried out to get him up to “PFT standards”. Bently had all but 4 teeth removed and was desexed.

John and Dorothy fell in love with him the day PFT placed him on Facebook.  They contacted Mrs PFT straight away and said they would love to adopt him.

As mentioned, what a character he is!!  Bently rules the roost!!  When first adopted
Mrs PFT said to establish very early into the adoption who would be
boss.  Apparently John and Dorothy had no say in it.  Bently assumed the role right from the beginning.

Bently joined a family of very lucky dogs. There is Beasley –  a small foxie who is now 15 years old, Billie – a small Tenterfield adopted from Save our Strays in August 2011 and who is approximately 13 years old now.  And then there are Bazza, Bonnie (Pookie) and Bently (Tiny) all adopted from PFT.

Bently is by far the youngest member of the family, by about 5 years.  He
relates well to the other dogs but does have a habit of stalking Bazza.
He watches Bazza’s every move and will often bark at him if he wants him to
move.  Although he has only 4 teeth, he loves to suck/chew on a bone or
biscuit.  He also adores John, following him everywhere and loves to sit beside him.

What a very lucky little dog to have such a wonderful family!



The Wonderful tale of POOKIE….

We have always been a dog family and had a number of dogs.  We presently have 5 beautiful dogs, three coming from PFT.

BONNIE:  (known as Pookie at PFT) was adopted from PFT in November, 2011. We went to view one dog and came away with two !!!  After viewing Bazza we spoke to Mrs PFT and she said she had another dog we may be interested in.  It was Bonnie.  How could we choose?  It was love at first sight with Bazza and now we were looking at a cream ball of fur.  It didn’t take long to say that we would love to add Bazza AND Bonnie to our family. Bonnie (formally Pookie) is a female, cream Chihuahua X.  She is now approximately 12 or 13 years of age.  Initially we thought she was only about 7 or 8 but as time has passed we have come to realise that she is more likely 12.  She appears to be partially deaf and her eyesight is poor.  She is slow to move when the weather is cool which makes us suspect she has arthritis.  Although a loner, we believe in her other life she was a very dearly loved pet and when rescued was in good condition.  She had been taught to do tricks and at times seemed to become very frustrated because we didn’t understand what they meant. (probably some type of treat). Bonnie spends most of her time sleeping but it also a creature of habit.  Each afternoon about 5 pm she will start to bark, telling us that she wants her tea.  We love her dearly but also feel sorry that her previous owner may have been elderly and didn’t know where to search for her when she became lost.

Mr & Mrs PFT are indeed angels, along with all the wonderful people that support them in so many different ways.  So many dogs need rescuing.  Hopefully, down the track, we will be in a position to take on another PFT doggie.


On the 13th of February, Sommersby RSPCA one again contacted PFT about a Crusty they needed assistance with. After 10 years of loyalty Cuddlepie was abandoned in the night cage with her face all bloodied and a note attached to her. The letter explained that her owners couldn’t afford Vet treatment after the neighbour’s dog attacked her through the fence. Apparently they also couldn’t afford to treat a shocking flea allergy (preventable), severe arthritis, some lumps, and perform a basic de-sexing. It was in this state that she came to PFT on Sunday the 16th of February to get some much needed Veterinary care and find her Forever Home.

After 6 days in care, she was ready for her big day with Dr Dave, including de-sexing, vaccination and removal of a small mammary tumour, as well as the discovery that she was pregnant with 4 undeveloped little Cuddlepie-mounds. The following day she was off with her new Mummy, a transporter for PFT, called Tracey, where she would recuperate, and more importantly live out the rest of her days. Her new life includes nanna-naps, love and a “happily ever after”.