The Wonderful tale of POOKIE….

We have always been a dog family and had a number of dogs.  We presently have 5 beautiful dogs, three coming from PFT.

BONNIE:  (known as Pookie at PFT) was adopted from PFT in November, 2011. We went to view one dog and came away with two !!!  After viewing Bazza we spoke to Mrs PFT and she said she had another dog we may be interested in.  It was Bonnie.  How could we choose?  It was love at first sight with Bazza and now we were looking at a cream ball of fur.  It didn’t take long to say that we would love to add Bazza AND Bonnie to our family. Bonnie (formally Pookie) is a female, cream Chihuahua X.  She is now approximately 12 or 13 years of age.  Initially we thought she was only about 7 or 8 but as time has passed we have come to realise that she is more likely 12.  She appears to be partially deaf and her eyesight is poor.  She is slow to move when the weather is cool which makes us suspect she has arthritis.  Although a loner, we believe in her other life she was a very dearly loved pet and when rescued was in good condition.  She had been taught to do tricks and at times seemed to become very frustrated because we didn’t understand what they meant. (probably some type of treat). Bonnie spends most of her time sleeping but it also a creature of habit.  Each afternoon about 5 pm she will start to bark, telling us that she wants her tea.  We love her dearly but also feel sorry that her previous owner may have been elderly and didn’t know where to search for her when she became lost.

Mr & Mrs PFT are indeed angels, along with all the wonderful people that support them in so many different ways.  So many dogs need rescuing.  Hopefully, down the track, we will be in a position to take on another PFT doggie.

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