Who would want a 15 year old dog, I was asked…?

A dog who has a permanently dislocated back leg, limited sight and hearing, a hear murmur and a hernia.

A dog who was rescued more than ten years ago, loved by his very own family and, through no fault of his own, found himself, at the ripe old age of (at least) 15, with no mummy, no family, frightened and confused.

This old man didn’t ‘land’ in just anyone’s care though.

(insert drum roll) Mrs PFT to the rescue!!

This amazing little rescue group, championed by Mrs PFT and lovingly supported with pram pushing and bowl washing by Mr PFt, thought someone may just want a 15 year old dog.

So, Mrs PFT set about posting this little man’s picture on the PFT FB page, wrote a ‘standard’, heartfelt story, as if dictated by the little man himself. And, as the universe would have it, a couple who had been stalking the PFT FB page for some time, spoke with their other two fur babies and gathered the courage to e-mail Mrs PFT, offering their home and hearts.

Toby1 After checking their e-mail at least 147 times, Mrs PFT replied…

“I need to ask you questions to get an idea of you and your home” she said.

We replied…and waited.

“You are PERFECT for young Toby” eventually came the reply.

So, while Toby spent the next couple of nights bewildered, sad and safely tucked in Mr and Mrs PFT’s bed, his future family counted the seconds, yes seconds, until they could collect him.

What followed was one of the most treasured experiences – my best friend by my side, meeting Mrs PFT, the fury residents of Chateau PFT and, the meeting of the gorgeous Toby.


In less than a month, Toby has brought tears to our eyes, made us laugh, filled our hearts with love and become an absolute treasured family member. And, just when we think our hearts are full to the brim, every new day sees us love him more.


So I ask you, who on earth WOULDN’T want a 15 year old dog…? 😉

Toby4 Tpby5


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