Whilst in care at PFT, Stan the Man made the Sunday Morning Herald in the Adopt Me section.

The reports were correct – he is a cute little terrier scruffy mix. Mrs PFT’s wish was to be inundated with wonderful enquiries and that Stan the Man would be in his home by Christmas. There were only 9 more days to go.


And wouldn’t you know it, Mrs PFT and STAN the MAN did it.

He went & got himself a new home. Just in time for Christmas too. He left Chateau PFT only 3 days shy of Christmas day.

Stan found himself a beautiful home, with beautiful people & Stan the Man was going to have a beautiful life.

Stan was microchipped and his owners were in fact sent a letter. However, they never came to reclaim him. He spent 19 long days at the pound and never once lost his sense of humour.

His new Mummy (and her daughter) are going to spoil this little guy so very much.

Congratulations Stan the Man – you just keep on WOWING everyone you meet. ♥♥


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