Bently known as Tiny whilst at PFT, was adopted in Dec 2012 by John and Dorothy. He is a gorgeous little male Chihuahua weighing approximately 2.2 kgs.  Now 7.5 years old, he is such a character!!!!

Bently was microchipped but when the pound contacted his owners and they found they
would have to pay to have him released, they decided to leave him there.  They said they could get a new dog cheaper than what his rescue would cost.   So PFT rescued him and had extensive vetwork carried out to get him up to “PFT standards”. Bently had all but 4 teeth removed and was desexed.

John and Dorothy fell in love with him the day PFT placed him on Facebook.  They contacted Mrs PFT straight away and said they would love to adopt him.

As mentioned, what a character he is!!  Bently rules the roost!!  When first adopted
Mrs PFT said to establish very early into the adoption who would be
boss.  Apparently John and Dorothy had no say in it.  Bently assumed the role right from the beginning.

Bently joined a family of very lucky dogs. There is Beasley –  a small foxie who is now 15 years old, Billie – a small Tenterfield adopted from Save our Strays in August 2011 and who is approximately 13 years old now.  And then there are Bazza, Bonnie (Pookie) and Bently (Tiny) all adopted from PFT.

Bently is by far the youngest member of the family, by about 5 years.  He
relates well to the other dogs but does have a habit of stalking Bazza.
He watches Bazza’s every move and will often bark at him if he wants him to
move.  Although he has only 4 teeth, he loves to suck/chew on a bone or
biscuit.  He also adores John, following him everywhere and loves to sit beside him.

What a very lucky little dog to have such a wonderful family!


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