“Paws for Thought” Rescue (PFT)  is a teeny-tiny rescue group run by a husband and wife team in Sydney, Australia.

PFT rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes dogs abandoned in NSW pounds, saving them from death row and giving them a chance at a ‘happily ever after’.


Each dog is cared for in a loving home and treated as a treasured member of the PFT family until a perfect new, forever family is found.  PFT provides high-quality vet care, professional grooming, stability, training, housebreaking and socialisation for each dog that is rescued.

PFT’s approach to rescue is unique. The majority of dogs who are saved are old and/or have ongoing medical issues.  PFT is committed to ensuring that the most special-needs dogs get a second chance in homes where their new families are equally committed to ensuring their ongoing wellbeing.

Most  PFT dogs arrive in care with a range of acute medical issues.  Untreated infections; tumours; mouths full of rotting teeth that are filling their bodies with toxins; eye infections; kennel cough; fleas; and worms.  All acute issues are resolved during a dog’s time in care and treatment plans for any chronic conditions are identified and implemented.  Dogs requiring ongoing medical care are rehomed through PFT’s Sanctuary Carer Program, where homes are carefully selected on the basis of the level of care each Sanctuary dog requires.  You can read more about PFT’s Sanctuary Carer Program here.

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Please note:  PFT does not take private surrenders and we do not accept requests to rescue a dog on someone else’s behalf. All PFT dogs are rescued directly from pounds/shelters, are carefully temperament tested and specifically selected to come into care.