On the 13th of February, Sommersby RSPCA one again contacted PFT about a Crusty they needed assistance with. After 10 years of loyalty Cuddlepie was abandoned in the night cage with her face all bloodied and a note attached to her. The letter explained that her owners couldn’t afford Vet treatment after the neighbour’s dog attacked her through the fence. Apparently they also couldn’t afford to treat a shocking flea allergy (preventable), severe arthritis, some lumps, and perform a basic de-sexing. It was in this state that she came to PFT on Sunday the 16th of February to get some much needed Veterinary care and find her Forever Home.

After 6 days in care, she was ready for her big day with Dr Dave, including de-sexing, vaccination and removal of a small mammary tumour, as well as the discovery that she was pregnant with 4 undeveloped little Cuddlepie-mounds. The following day she was off with her new Mummy, a transporter for PFT, called Tracey, where she would recuperate, and more importantly live out the rest of her days. Her new life includes nanna-naps, love and a “happily ever after”.

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