In January 2012 I saw a picture on Facebook of a blind/deaf Fox Terrier that had huge mammary tumours . I was told we had a full house and couldn’t take her on.


The dog came to the attention of ‘Paws for Thought’ Rescue who immediately took her for what was believed to be palliative care. Later that day the Pound had a mass kill to make space. This was one very lucky dog!

‘Paws for Thought’ Rescue named this girl Sparrow, as she looked sad and lonely. Little did they know once out of the Pound this little girl was ready to live life again. Knowing I was somewhat ‘experienced’ with little Fox Terriers, ‘Paws for Thought’ Rescue contacted me and asked if I would take her on. I agreed and she came to me later in the month.


I had her checked by two vets to ensure she wasn’t in pain. My local Vet at Rose Park said that she wasn’t suffering, and once she had settled, she could have the tumours removed. There was a 50 per cent chance they could be malignant. I also took her to an eye specialist to ensure the condition of her eyes wasn’t causing any discomfort. The verdict was that she was probably blind due to trauma and that she was in no pain now.

After two weeks of settling in with her new brothers, Sparrow went in for surgery. It went so well that the Vet was able to de-sex her in the same procedure. The generosity of ‘Paws for Thought’ Rescue and its supporters helped cover some of the large cost of the surgery.



The next day Sparrow came home with stitches. Despite having major surgery this girl was active…. Running around the house, bossing her brothers, stealing cuddles and trying to eat the cats! Nothing has changed.

I have had Sparrow for two years now. She is healthy, confident and enjoys a good quality of life. It is hard to believe this dog was ignored by most and due to die.

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