Krispy Kreme

Leaving Renbury
Krispy Kreme, leaving Renbury

In December 2013, an old chihuahua found himself at Renbury Farm.  Fortunately for this little dog, he caught the eye of Mrs PFT, and soon had a rescue save against his name – a name that became “Krispy Kreme”, when he became another Paws For Thought Rescue dog.

Krispy Kreme was an old dog – around 12 years of age. His body was covered in fleas with some kind of tar-like substance stuck all over his coat.  He had a mouth full of rotting teeth, was badly malnourished and almost totally blind.  He was also a fear biter – lashing out at anyone who came near him, afraid of what he couldn’t see and what might happen to him.

During his early days with PFT, he began to learn what it meant to be loved and cared for.  Early vet visits indicated potential problems with his liver and his pancreas – possibly a result of his neglected state, or a sign of significant medical issues.  When his little body was strong enough, Krispy Kreme was desexed and he had major dental surgery.  Most of his teeth were removed, leaving just 3 teeth in his entire mouth.

I followed Krispy Kreme’s journey from the moment he was tagged as a PFT rescue. This little, old, sick, blind chihuahua reminded me so much of one of my special needs chi’s who had received his wings the previous year.  Krispy Kreme tugged at my heart strings, and it was only a matter of days before I contacted Mrs PFT offering Krispy Kreme a home.

The adoption needed to be delayed to allow for his surgery, and because over the Christmas/New Year period I was caring for a friends’ very boisterous Pug puppies.  Not ideal companions for an old, blind dog trying to settle into a usually quiet and calm new home.



So, just after his surgery and just before Christmas 2013, Krispy Kreme moved out of Chateau PFT and into Foster Mummy Vanessa’s house to wait out the time until I could collect him.  During this time he was showered in love, learned about good home cooked food, put on lots of weight and began adjusting to life as part of a family.



As desperate as I was to bring Krispy Kreme home, I knew that he was in the best of possible hands.  Of course I loved the regular updates and photos from Foster Mummy Vanessa, letting me know how well my little guy was doing and how happy he was.

At Cafe Bones


Finally, on the 18th of January 2014, I was able to make the trip to Sydney to collect my newest family member and bring him home.  It was an extra special day, because there was a PFT gathering at Cafe Bones.  Sanctuary Mummies, Foster Mummies and PFT supporters, all gathering to meet, share stories and spend time with lots of special dogs.




In basket

I loved Krispy Kreme before I even met him, however, holding him for the first time was just so wonderful.  He spent the day snuggled up on my lap, happily taking in all the noises and smells around him and learning about his new Mummy.  Apart from the overwhelming love I felt for him when I first saw him, meeting him in the fur gave me a chance to finally see how long his skinny little legs were.  If he was a person, Krispy Kreme would be a supermodel or a basketball player!  I’ve actually decided he’s part chihuahua and part giraffe. He has the longest legs of any small dog I’ve ever encountered.  Sometimes when he walks, it’s like he’s a gangly teenager, still getting used to his extra-long limbs!


Krispy Kreme settled into his new home perfectly, and thanks to Foster Mummy Vanessa, he also knew his new name.  Kripsy Kreme seemed like such a big name for a little dog, and after Mr PFT began referring to him as Stevie Wonder, the name “Stevie” just seemed right.  So, “Stevie” he is.

KennelStevie is comfortable around all his canine and feline siblings, and quickly taught himself to use the dog door to get outside.  In fact, he decided within the first few days here that outside was where he’d rather be, despite soaring summer temperatures.  After a week I realised it was a losing battle expecting him to be a primarily indoor dog and went and bought a kennel for the first time ever.  Stevie loves his kennel and when he’s not pottering around the yard, or curled up in his outside bed, he can be found relaxing in his comfy little kennel.  Stevie will happily hang out in the house for a nap or a cuddle, but he’s an independent old man who prefers to be outside most of the time.

During his first few days in Canberra, Stevie visited our special Vet team at Small Friends.  He had a thorough check-up, and to our great relief, his blood tests came back absolutely normal.  No signs of any ongoing issues with his liver or his pancreas.  It was also confirmed that the small amount of optical function Stevie still has is limited to sensing light and dark.  His vision issues don’t ever stop him – he zips around, navigating by smell and touch and always knows exactly where he is and where he’s going.

I’ve only had a very short amount of time with Stevie so far, but he is again living proof of how wonderful older, special needs dogs are.  They are more than capable of adjusting to new circumstances, are so grateful for the security of a safe and warm home and are so deserving of the love that is on offer and that they have missed out on for so long.




My darling little Stevie – I’m looking forward to many years of love with you. xxx

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