Greta (right) started off in a Puppy Mill where, with other dogs including Bonnie (also a PFT girl), she endured a lifetime of scrapping for food, being locked in cages, pumping out puppies and then two weeks in an RSPCA pen in Sommersby. On the 19th of January they came into care with Mrs PFT.  After all this, both dogs had become reliant on each other, coupled with being timid girls it was an unhealthy relationship. They would hide from Mrs PFT together, tremble together, run together and outright avoid her together. Once separated they would seek her for some attention. Which is why the decision was for Greta to be sent off to be with Foster Mummy Vanessa.

Greta has also been a more difficult doggie, with midnight howling, late night barking, not being able to settle, jumping up and walking around on tables, breaking things, annoying neighbours and causing her fair share of tears, frustrations and sleepless nights for Foster Mummy Vanessa.

On the 29th of January she came home to Foster Mummy Vanessa after an overnight stay at the vets. While there she had a chest x-ray which confirmed that other than the 6 golf balls sized mammary tumours, she was clear of cancer throughout the rest of her body. This meant that the vets could proceed to remove the mammary tumours as well as desex her and give her a dental.

Similarly to her hoarder buddy Bonnie, Greta has managed to get free rein inside and outside the house whenever she wanted. When most dogs are not toilet trained, both girls surprisingly have never left any presents for their carers inside! Greta even discovered the joys of sitting in the lounge room and watching TV with her Foster Mummy. By early February she was sleeping through the night, stopped howling when told no, takes food from hands and instead of shying from people, she is super gentle with them.

On Wednesday the 12th of January her successful adoption was announced. She had been on trial since the previous Saturday and after a few teething problems her trial period was going better than expected! In fact she is everything her new family could want! A kind, mature dog who can potter around during the day and enjoy a gentle stroll around the block.

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