Mince Pie

On 16th December, 2013 a teeny tiny little dog was released to Paws For Thought Rescue under “Duty of Care”……His name would be *Mince Pie*

Mince Pie

He was lucky enough to be checked out by TWO vets and was found to be not so crusty and in pretty good health. He needed some small dental work done and some special ointment to assist with the production of more tears..He weighed a tiny 2.2kg and Mrs PFT thinks Mr PFT will have trouble letting Mince PIe leave Chateau PFT.

Don't be jealous ladies

18th December, 2013

Mince Pie is proving to melt everyone’s heart, and already has an adoption pending once he becomes a fully owned ‘not so crusty’ dog of Paws For Thought Rescue, when his Pound time is up..

21st December

Sadness today as Mrs PFT had to return ‘Mince Pie’ back to the pound as his owners were coming to reclaim him.

mince pie

Mince Pie will always have a spot with Mrs PFT should he need it xx

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