On the 12 of January, 2014, it was announced that Granny would be making her way to PFT, despite being micro-chipped, her owners had decided not to claim her. Granny is quiet, she is slow and she is calm. This beautiful and regal old girl, estimated to be over 12 years of age arrived into care on the 17th of January. She joined Foster Mummy Carol and went straight to The Farm for care and rehabilitation, (as well as a lot of spoiling). PFT then worked on getting her health back up to scratch, so she could find her Forever Home, where she could live out her twilight years, without ever feeling misplaced again.

The day after being busted out of Blacktown Pound, little Granny’s self-esteem was already coming back.  After a wash and clip it was easier to see her movement and just how skinny she was (not that she would stay skinny for long). It also made it clearer just how special, sweet and what a senior PFT Crusty she was!

Granny then went to her Forever Home on the 29th January with Mummy Lucy, whom she greeted with lots and lots of doggy kisses! She now has a quiet home where she gets to be very, VERY spoilt with other gentle special needs dogs.

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