Mumma Smurf

On the 13th of January, 2014, little Mumma Smurf was rescued from Blacktown Pound.  She was then fed, bathed and groomed. The next day Mumma Smurf was off to the Vet where it was discovered her kidney test results were not good. She had slipping knee caps, dental disease, severe arthritis, a bad heart murmur, etc, etc, etc. She also had a very bad cough which could have been a result of kennel cough, her heart, or both, and the Vet put her onto antibiotics. Mumma Smurf was booked in for an overnight stay the following Friday to get treatment for her kidneys, have an ultrasound and a chest x-ray.

While with PFT, Mumma Smurf went into Foster Mummy Vanessa’s care where she would be dressed up, given all the treats she could want as well as a lot of love.

The more Mumma Smurf went to see the Vet, the more tests were conducted, the more it was realised just how poor her health was. Mumma Smurf was blind, and she was deaf, her kidneys were failing, her heart struggling and she was suffering from a shocking case of dental disease. She was a challenging little girl because of her refusal to accept medication, and she was also very needy, which meant Foster Mummy Vanessa often had to stay home with her. As time progressed it became clear that PFT could no longer do anything to improve her condition.

On the 28th of January, 2014, she was given her wings. Her Foster Mummy Vanessa went to great lengths to ensure her last memories were the best they could be and was there for her when the time came. She now lies at peace in her Foster Mummies garden under the olive tree, buried with all of her belongings.

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