In August 2013, Mrs PFT offered her help to a rather adorable 3-year-old Chihuahua called Chopsticks.

Chopsticks was not getting on with the kids in his home. He was rehomed to a new household, but returned soon after as that too did not work out. So, although she does not ordinarily take private surrenders, Mrs PFT stepped in and Chopsticks came into care. Mrs PFT promised him that she would find him the best new mummy in the world.

Chopsticks was the sweetest and gentlest little doggie – not to mention absolutely gorgeous! He wowed everyone who met him, from Mrs PFT, to his transporter, to Dr Jeannie at the Vet clinic.

He was a little shy at first, but after two days Chopsticks settled right into life at Chateau PFT. He brightened up and finally began to eat. And Mrs PFT grew rather smitten over this beautiful, sweet-natured little pup!

It didn’t take long before Mrs PFT found Chopsticks the perfect Forever Home – it only took two days! In fact! Just a week after joining Chateau PFT, and one big dental later, Chopsticks was on a plane to his new Mummy in Brisbane, a PFT supporter who was so excited to welcome him into her home.

Mrs PFT saw Chopsticks off with a sad heart, but knew that he was off to a wonderful family and now had a lifetime to look forward to with the love and security that he deserves.

The photo is of Chopsticks and his new Mummy a few months later. As you can see, things are just not working out for this little man… 😉




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