We decided it would be nice to get a boy dog, company for my princess baby girl puppy and a manly dog for my husband to call his own (princess pup is a mummy’s girl!)

We looked over the internet for quite a while, we were looking for a good fit for our family. My husband was looking for a sausage dog… But along came PFT and Bandit.

We contacted Mrs PFT, and took Hailey, our princess puppy, to meet Bandit. We all hit it off… Bandit was a little quiet but interacted well. We adopted Bandit. We were very excited, and thought Bandit was a top dog. We had heard he liked to steal socks…. How cute!!

Bandit came to his Forever Home… He met his Forever Sister or girlfriend? And his Forever Family. We loved him instantly. That was over 2 years ago.

My favourite photo of my Bandy Boy.

Bandit is like a cheeky toddler… He is now almost 3 and looks for lots of reassurance. He has enjoyed a seachange and a move to Wollongong.  He likes to know who is in his home, and isn’t keen on the wind or the rain. He can be a little naughty and sometimes chews things (or pees on them!!). He puts himself in the naughty corner, he knows…  He is super cute. And yes, he still loves socks. He is so adorable and brings presents to you when you come home… A pebble, some grass or a piece of BBQ cover (oops!). He actually smiles at you, and loves cuddles more than any dog I know. He walks around and does laps in the morning for no apparent reason… And of course…he is the biggest Mummy’s boy!! He likes being dressed up… Loves chasing flies. He is our Bandit … Part of our Forever Home and forever grateful to Mrs and Mr PFT for the work they do.

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