Foster Mummy Carol

Foster Mummy Carol takes on the new dogs needing the longest care. They go to “The Farm” where they receive good, honest, wholesome, country care and can spend time rehabilitating until they’re ready to fly the nest.

Tuppence 15 (Carol)The lucky dogs that are fostered by Carol get walked every day on the property. They love hanging out with Carol’s permanent residents and get spoilt with BBQ chicken often by the man of the house.

The dogs love the freedom of the open spaces at the farm, and undoubtedly Carol is one of the best things that has ever happened to PFT.

Carol has been Sanctuary Mummy to some of PFT’s most beloved “Crusties” including Gramps, Stormin’ Norman, Buttons, Mr Hoppity, Tootie Frooty and Twinkle.

In addition, behind the scenes she continues to donate, support Mrs PFT and will drop everything to drive 8 hours for an adoption or to transport a dog interstate (including staying overnight at her own cost) without so much as a thank you by the new home.

Carol goes above & beyond the call of duty for PFT every, single, bloody day.

She is truly amazing, and to the PFT doggies – heaven sent.

Thank you Carol for everything you do for PFT!

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  1. I would love to Foster a little chihuahua,I have three spoilt Chi’s of my own and would love to spoil another little one..

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