Marmite was brought into care on the 10th April 2012 and was whisked away the next day for a road trip to The Farm in Moree,be cared for by Foster Mummy Carol,while Mr and Mrs PFT had a holiday.

Marmite had a Trial  Adoption prior to meeting his real Forever Home, alas it was not to be, and he was sadly returned less than 48 hours into his trial …. this then opened the door for Nanna Mary.

Nanna Mary adopted Marmite on the 12th May 2012, after being introduced to her by her granddaughter Rebecca.  Rebecca had decided that Nanna Mary needed some furry company (after being without a dog for 2 years), and bought Marmite for her Nan for Mother’s Day.  Less than 5 minutes into the meet and greet Nanna Mary looked at Mrs PFT whistfully and said “Can I have him??.

Nanna Mary and Marmite are continuing to live happily ever after……..


Marmite and Nanna Mary

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