On the 7th of January, 2014, a terrified and timid little Polka was sprung from Gosford Pound. He is young and very healthy (a vast contrast to the Crusties PFT is famous for!). Polka had to pass through a few hands and a check-up, before he could settle in at Chateau PFT. Once there, Mrs PFT’s own sweet, loving and well balanced “pack” would help him on his journey of care. All Mrs PFT had to do was give him some space and time while her “pack” did all the work to get him to come out of his shell!

AND WHAT A SHELL HE CAME OUT OF! After 4 days at Chateau PFT, Polka was a young puppy-like teenager, who was sweet, gentle, inquisitive, playful and delightful. Mrs PFT was in love… again… and so was Mr PFT. Usually PFT do not take on young dogs, however this little man came with such good manners you could weep. It’s amazing just how much some tender loving care can change a dog in a few short days!

The 16th of January, 2014, was Polka’s last night at Chateau PFT, before starting his new life with Toni. So what did a last night mean for Polka? I will tell you. It meant running around as if he owned the place, jumping on to sofas whenever it pleased him, nibbling Mrs PFT’s ankles as she walked away from him, and being the first to throw himself into Mrs PFT’s arms when she got home from a hard day’s work. Although he can still be a little bit timid around strangers, he is overall a new man! Enjoy your Forever Home little man!

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  1. Polka, now known as Tri, continues to blossom. He is great friends with his furry brothers (3 dogs) and so full of energy he makes me tired just watching him. He has completed our family and we feel blessed to have him. As well as playing with his friends at home he loves his weekend runs on Umina beach and is so well behaved and polite to the other dogs and people that I wonder how he ever became a stray.

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