Mrs Buttons

Mrs Buttons is a 12 year old Crusty who once had a loving owner, who with great regret had to surrender her to Tamworth Pound when old age and fragility meant they had to go into assisted living and couldn’t take her too. Her elderly owner was devastated.

Luckily for Mrs Buttons (and to the relief of her previous owner), it was Foster Mummy Carol to the rescue.  Carol left home at 5am the following day, (the 23rd of January), to bust her out of the Pound at opening hours! That day this lucky old girl got a pampering session, de-flea’d, wormed and cuddled. On Tuesday the 28th of January, Carol, Mrs Buttons and her Animal Welfare League mate Ash made the 8-9 hour car trip to Sydney where Mrs Buttons got to go into care with (the one and only) Mrs PFT!!

On Thursday (30th), Mrs Buttons had her Veterinary consult with Dr Tanya. Blood and heartworm tests were conducted, vaccinations given and a dental (which included extraction of 2-3 rotten teeth). After a big day her health was once again tip top for a Crusty. After 4 days of rest and recuperation with Mrs PFT her Forever Mummies came to pick her up.

Overall Mrs Buttons passed through 6 different groups of people in 12 short days! Her new Mums are now friends of Mrs PFT, have been generous donators and amazing PFT supporters. Her new Mummies were even ready and waiting for her before she had even made the 9 hour trip to Sydney!!


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