“Rainbow Bridge”

This page is dedicated to the Sanctuary Dogs who have sadly lost their way during time in care.

To rescue

To love

To hold

To then let go….

Can break one’s heart.


Basil Brush 2“Basil Brush”

(Neurological issues)






Nathan = 5“Baby Brutus”

(Behavioural issues)






(Old age)







Molly 8“Molly”

(Old age)




Buttercup 3“Buttercup”

(Old age, seizures, brain damage)







Mikey 5“Mikey”

(Old age, heart failure)







Marshmallow 2“Marshmallow”

(Old age, kidney disease)









(Neurological issues)





Wayne 12“Wayne”

(Old age)






Treacle 1“Treacle”








Wilma 6“Wilma”

(Old age, kidney disease, tumour)







Mumma Smurf 2“Mumma Smurf”

(Old age, kidney disease)








“Stormin Norman”

(old age, dementia)





Sausage 7


(old age)





Twinkle 4


(old age)





Tooty Frootie“Tooty Frootie”

(old age)