“Sanctuary Dogs”

No Kill chihuahua

What is a “Sanctuary Dog”?

This is a unique term used by PFT.

A “Sanctuary Dog” is a dog who needs sanctuary somewhere, with someone.

At PFT, we lovingly call them our Crusties & Wobblies.

Because PFT only rescues senior (Crusties) or sick dogs (Wobblies), we consider all of our fosters to be “Sanctuary Dogs”.

However, the ultimate “Sanctuary Dog” is one where due to its failing health or ongoing medical issues, need to be carefully placed with a Sanctuary Mummy who can be trusted to care for, love and appropriately vet care their dog.

“Paws for Thought” Rescue does not ask each Sanctuary Mummy to ensure each dog lives forever.

“Paws for Thought” Rescue asks each Sanctuary Mummy to respect, cherish, treasure each dog during their time in care.  By using common sense and being guided by their vet – they must ensure their charges are comfortable, happy and pain free.

“Paws for Thought” Rescue is about palliative care.  Respect.  Love.

We believe in quality over quantity.  Always.

And when their time comes, they must be held closely one last time, kissed onto the top of their head & quietly given their wings to join the others at ‘Rainbow Bridge’.

 Chuppa Chup 3