Welcome to Team PFT – Fiona

This is “Fiona”. She is PFT’s very own chartered accountant. PFT’s Number-Cruncher-Extraordinaire. She’s been put on this planet solely to keep Mrs PFT from going to jail. She dabbles with figures and forms and does all that kind of stuff that Mrs PFT either can’t get her head around, or doesn’t have the time to realistically do. She made PFT ‘Incorporated’. And she made PFT a charity. She is PFT’s Accountant Guru.

So we should ALL thank her. Because without her, Mrs PFT would have closed up shop, shut PFT down, never rescued again, tired of all the bureaucracy involved with the setting up as a registered charity.

Thank you “Fiona” for all your help and advice and taking control of the situation. Thank you for stepping up and assisting Mrs PFT which ultimately helps assist the puppy dogs who need us all.Fiona

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