“Georgie Boy” – (No. 76)

Georgie BoyGeorgie Boy – arrived at the pound and lay flat on the concrete floor, head down, he was so terrified.  A different rescue group took photos and alerted PFT.  One look at the photo meant Georgie Boy would be arriving into care.  He went to a new home who specifically wanted to love and care for a senior as a Sanctuary Dog .  PFT was promised that the young child was kind and respectful to animals.  But upon meeeting them, it was clear that this was one very over indulged child and Georgie Boy was terrified.  With a heavy heart, he left and PFT cried on the phone for 45 minutes knowing that the dog was going to the wrong home.  Sure enough, trouble brewed and eventually PFT pulled the dog out of that home.  He was collected by a PFT supporter and remained with her for the rest of his days.  He is adored and respected and treated and disciplined exactly how he should have been and lives happily with five other doggies and his adoring mum.

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