September doggie doings – rescued!

“Tickety Boo” arrived into care on 25 September. This girl is a dream – she is 95% blind and approximately 6 to 8 yrs old. Her teeth are sparkly white and she is in terrific condition. She is quiet, gentle, sweet, and incredibly smoochy and climbs onto your lap for cuddles. She is one of those “independent” type blind dogs where lack of sight is not even an issue.

September doggie doings – rescued!

On 11 September three Chihuahuas x Foxies came into care as their elderly owner was dying. Foster Mummy Carol committed to helping “Tessie” and “Trinity”, who flew to Moree a few days later. “Tiny Teddy”, a 6 year old healthy girl-dog, remained with PFT.

September doggie doings – rescued!

On 1 September 15 year old blind and deaf “Chappie” came into care at PFT. He had a perineal hernia, Grade 4 dental disease, and a yeast infection in his ears. After much discussion with our team of veterinarian professionals, we went ahead with surgery. His hernia was repaired, all rotten teeth were removed, abscesses and fistulas were cleaned up, and infection removed. Antibiotics were given and lots of pain relief offered. He’s home now, and recovering beautifully. He is also much calmer and eating more and putting on much needed weight. In time once he’s healed and had stitches removed, a kind and gentle home with one of our Sanctuary Dog carers and their other senior dogs is waiting in the wings. A huge heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the PFT supporters who gave generously to give this darling boy a second chance.

“Operation Sweetheart”

On 11 September three Chihuahuas x Foxies came into care as their elderly owner was dying. Foster Mummy Carol immediately committed to helping and three days later “Tessie” and “Trinity” flew to Moree to go into care at The Farm. “Tiny Teddy”, a 6 year old healthy girl-dog, remained with PFT.

2018 Calendar Photoshoot

One Friday in September four PFT volunteers dedicated 11 hours of their time to the 2018 calendar photoshoot. I cannot begin to tell you what a fabulous day we all had. The weather and the location was perfect. The thirteen dogs were a handful, but each one was walked, watered, carried, loved and supervised. Thank you to my team for a perfect day – Jo Lyons, Volunteer Susie P and Volunteer Ashlee!

Donators – thank you!

Paws for Thought Rescue is a unique rescue group. Its main focus is on the vet care we offer small, elderly and sick dogs from the local pounds. We don’t take adoptable dogs, or cute dogs, or the dogs who are going to rehome easily and command a full adoption fee. PFT takes some of the costliest, sickest, most challenging and extremely emotional cases. Each dog who comes into our care comes with a price tag to the charity of $1,000 to $5,000. Last year we rescued 36 elderly and sick dogs from local council pounds who had no other options outside of PFT. Our vet bill for the last financial year was $67,000. Mr PFT and I can help on average 36 dogs a year to find safety, palliative care, a new home and much needed vet care to make their lives happier and easier. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing donations coming in to help us achieve this. As are the dogs. Thanks to all those who make this possible.

2018 Calendar

After much discussion and behind the scenes planning, we will now be going ahead with a 2018 calendar. This calendar is being made possible with help from Jo Lyons Photography, BAT Design, Supporter Jen, Volunteers Ashlee and Susie P, and Settlers Inn St Albans. Start saving your pennies! 

Biggity Boo Boo

She’s 15 yrs old and wearing leopard print fur…showing the world that you’re NEVER too old to want to look your best whilst out socialising with friends!

Thank you Team PFT!

A huge thank you to our dedicated, hard working team of PFT volunteers who did PFT so, so, so proud at the Dog Lovers Show this year!

Sarah rocks!

Sarah is PFT’s graphic designer. We simply ask…and she helps. And she has never accepted a single cent to do any of our work. We would like to publicly thank Sarah for her massive contribution of PFT’s logo, banners, stickers, wall art, name tags, bandanas, business cards, flyers and the 2014 and 2015 calendars.