February doggie doings – rescued!

On 9 February Spanky arrived into care at PFT as a private surrender via our vets. Although loved, sadly Spanky’s care and health had been neglected, so his surrender was the best outcome.

Sad News

Sadly we lost two dogs earlier in the month. Baby Sprinkles was just short of her 18th birthday and was suffering kidney disease, and Buckles had a very rare form of brain tumour which caused hydrocephalus. A special personal thanks goes to Dr Charlene and her staff for their respect and care and genuine love for our PFT dogs at this sad time.

2018 PFT Fundraiser

You guys are so amazing. Last week we were unsure what to do, with the PFT slush fund at an all time low. So we asked for financial assistance and boy we got it. $14,000 in total has been raised and this will see us through for about 3-4 months alone without the help of the regular donations we receive behind the scenes, that we also rely so heavily on. We feel very privileged to have amazing PFT Stalker supporters. From PFT and from the PFT dogs – we thank you.

Calendar Fundraiser

So many participated to help us create and put together this year’s 2018 PFT calendar. From the volunteers who helped with the photoshoot, to the photographer, to the designer and lastly to the project coordinator. So much thanks and gratitude to you all for supporting this project, giving us your time, offering your professional expertise and wanting to be part of this PFT journey. And biggest thanks to Supporter Jen, the person behind this project. We made a profit of a whopping $8,160!!!!!!


Happy Chinese New Year. This year is the Year of The Dog.

Million Paws Walk

20th May. It’s in our diary. Yoda will be “strutting his stuff”. We’ll have 3 prams. Although not sure how Mr PFT is going to push two of them.

Thank you Daisy!

A new PFT Handy Angel called Daisy is going to design, build, paint and ship from Adelaide to Sydney an amazing Dog Lovers Show exhibition fence that can be dismantled easily and fit in our car. Would you help me to thank her please? “PFT Handy Angel Daisy” – you’re a bloody rockstar!

Normanhurst Vet Practice

I was told recently how special the PFT dogs are to the staff at Normanhurst Vet Practice. They closely follow PFT’s Facebook page and watch the journey of each dog unfold, and many are extremely bonded to the PFT dogs. Please give enormous thanks to those in the vet industry who make our pets better, who often work longer hours than many, and who are so dedicated to helping the PFT charity.

The Old Farts’ Senior Cart

With so many little elderly babies who can’t walk far and the logistics of not being able to carry them all at the one time, we had to make some drastic changes. And here it is – the Old Farts’ Senior Cart!