July doggie doings – Rescued!

On 12 July Chubbie Bubbie came into care. He’s a little bit young and little bit busier than we’re normally used to here at Chateau PFT. A huge thank you to Jess, the volunteer who just “keeps on giving”, for collecting our new PFT foster dog.

July doggie doings – Rescued!

On 27 July Hanky Panky came into care at PFT from Blacktown Pound. Weighing all of 2.25kg Hanky Panky is a much loved family pet whose elderly owner is suffering dementia and can no longer care for him.

Thank you Transporter Jess

Hopscotch’s lil sockies have arrived…thank you Jess for driving a ridiculous distance just to deliver some non-slip socks for Hopscotch. Already we’re seeing how much they’re assisting her.

Thank you SASH

A huge thanks for the care and attention for my beloved “Boofie”, who was in hospital for 11 days in July. Small Animal Specialist Hospital have supported me with my PFT work. They also support me with my own dogs, giving us some ‘generous kindness’ along the way to thank me for the work I do for rescue.

PFT’s new picket fence

52 kgs of picket fence, lovingly designed and made by Volunteer Sally, was freighted from Adelaide to Sydney, thanks to Volunteer Deborah who arranged all the logistics. This was made especially for us to use at the Dog Lovers Show, to keep the dogs safely contained on the inside and keep the mass of crowds on the outside.

Boofie in hospital

July was a very difficult month for PFT and their beloved Boofie who was very ill and spent eleven long days in hospital before being diagnosed with Addison’s disease.

Knitting for Australian Dog Rescue Groups

Little Miss Bumble Bee, sporting her beautiful new knitted jumper, thanks to Mummsie P, and Knitting for Australian Dog Rescue Groups. We thank them for their love and support towards ‘rescue’.

Sanctuary Dogs

Whilst many are there at the beginning of a pet’s life – PFT promises to be there at the end, for their twilight years.

Nana PFT turns 90!

On the 12 June PFT’s very own Nana PFT turned 90 years old. Nana PFT is a proud and loyal and generous PFT supporter, and we wish her a very happy 90th birthday!