The Dog Lovers Show – Sydney

The Dog Lovers Show – Sydney

PFT supporters…let me introduce you to TEAM PFT for this 2-day event:

Hoomans: Mrs PFT, Mr PFT, Foster Mummy Carol, Transporter Jess, Dr Dave

Doglets: Yoda, The Nug Nug, Honey Jumbles, Harley, Baby Cakes, Gumboot, Boofie (if he’s feeling up to it – but we do have a vet onboard…)

Our stand will not be about selling. It won’t even be about adopting a dog. But it will be about cuddles, discussing old dogs and seeing “Yoda” grumpily sitting in his pram.

AND – for a whopping $50 donation, you can smack Mr PFT in the middle of his forehead.

We can’t wait to see some of you there and meet some genuine PFT Stalkers.11822449_873764436041829_2654732939958628667_n

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