Thank you Dr Dave!

Thank you Dr Dave!

Three years ago, PFT was using a different vet practice. They were nothing but fabulous and supportive – and I miss using them. But the travel time to get there, in Sydney’s peak traffic, was challenging.

My own personal local veterinary hospital underwent new ownership. I heard through the grapevine that they may be interested in assisting a rescue group. So off I marched, one PFT-owned dog under my arm, with the intention of seeing if I could convince the owner to offer me the same rates I was currently getting elsewhere. We met, introduced ourselves and talked. I was told to submit in writing what PFT was about, what my ethics were, the prices I wanted and how I would be paying the bills. At the time I was still a relatively ‘new’ Rescuer. I was only taking on young dogs as my overall experience with canines was limited and my PFT slush fund was pretty non-existent.

However, one day I fell in love with an old dog and decided to go out on a limb and rescue him. As I carried into the consult room my very first ever PFT dog (old, blind, dementia) to see new vet, Dr Dave, I laughingly said, “Don’t worry – they aren’t all this old and crappy”. And that VERY day, began the beginning of my journey as a Rescuer dedicated only to old and sick dogs. With the support and guidance of a caring and experienced vet, I was given the confidence to go out and rescue a second “old and crappy dog”. And then a third. Then a fourth. And so on. And so began my love affair with my beloved “Crusties”.

With thanks to our Dr Dave, who I know is also enjoying being part of this PFT journey with me.DR DAVE

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