Thank you to our donators!

A huge thank you goes to all the people who make PFT able to do what it does best…rescue, rehabilitate and rehome our beloved pound Crusty’s.

Please know that your contributions have made a difference to the lives of the dogs PFT rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes. The adoption fees for some of the dogs barely cover the cost of blood tests / consultations / medication. As we only take in Special Needs, it comes with a hefty price tag for each dog.

With your help we are able to: Desex, Vaccinate, Heartworm test, Full blood panels, Ear tests, Cushings Disease tests, Eye tests, Specialist consultations, Removal of tumours, Removal of eyes, Skin tests, Medication, Blood clotting tests, Blood pressures, Urine tests, Hernia operations, Dentals, Flea / tick / worm, Food, Groom, Vet boarding.

With help from many people, we can move mountains.

A simple “thank you”.Thank you

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