August Doggie Doings


In August five doggies came into care at PFT: Miss Beautiful, Tickets, Pipsqueek, Giant and CrackerJack.

“Miss Beautiful” – came to PFT under duty of care. She was about 14 – 15 years old, with neurological and age-related issues. She needed palliative care but was Pound release to owner only.  PFT contacted them and asked to do palliative care and it was agreed.  She had 7 days of BBQ chicken and full cream milk and cuddles and love.  Then the journey to Rainbow Bridge where she could be free from her 24 hour pacing which make her exhausted and disorientated. It was lots of physical work and came with an emotional toll, but PFT was with her at the end and she went, after being loved and groomed, with a name and 6,000 followers wishing her the best.Miss Beautiful

“Tickets” – came to PFT under duty of care.  Two hours later she was reclaimed by her owner.  After lengthy discussion and negotiation between PFT and the owner, she was surrendered.  She is 3 legged with severe skin infections causing her stress stress.  She is now receiving regular professional grooms, medication, and lots of care.  She is delightful and is a firm favourite at Chateau PFT.Tickets

“Pipsqueek” – is the fifth dog we’ve taken from Somersby RSPCA and our working relationship with them continues.  At 18 years old she was the oldest dog at PFT.   Her owner had gone into aged nursing and the family didn’t want her.  She was in good heath and was rehomed 2 weeks later to a PFT supporter who has wanted a PFT Sanctuary Dog for a while.Pipsqueek

“Giant” – was abandoned at a vet – they no longer wanted to continue searching for a home and the council instructed euthanasia.  PFT was asked to help and we did.  Giant came into care and is currently looking for his forever home.  He is 14 years of age.Giant

“CrackerJack” – arrived under duty of care. He was dumped in the overnight shute at the Pound and left by his owners with a note attached to him.  He is timid and delightful.CrackerJack


Sir Jack was adopted and went to his new home. After further discussions his new mummy came back two days later and picked up Frederick. Both crusty dudes are now living happily together.Sir Jack and Frederick

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