“Twinkle” – (No. 31)

TwinkleTwinkle – was ultra special.  She would become one of PFT’s first official Sanctuary Dogs to come into care.  PFT was asked to find an old dog. For a waiting home.  Something sad.  Something that really needed help.  With a list of dogs in hand, PFT visited the the first pound on the list.  They met Twinkle.  There was no need to visit anywhere else.  This dog was in a pathetic and sorry way.  Obviously incredibly neglected with a lifetime of sadness etched all over her face.  She melted hearts wherever she would go.  Someone once called her ‘The ugliest dog ever seen’.  With her generous heart, to all at PFT, she was one of the most beautiful of dogs ever seen.  Now departed, but never forgotten.

One thought on ““Twinkle” – (No. 31)”

  1. My beautiful ever loving Twinkie. She and I had the MOST special connection.
    I will love and remember her always xx

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