What we at PFT give our dogs

Sometimes when the dogs arrive to me, they are extremely filthy, matted, stinky, sick, timid, depressed and have health issues. Once they arrive into care, it is my job to make them feel ‘whole’ again.

They are professionally groomed (clipped if necessary). They are de-flea’d. They are given quality human-grade food. Some are put onto health restricted diets. They are heart-worm tested. Blood tested. Urine sample tested. Their eyes are treated if required. Antibiotics are given if needed. A care plan is devised as to what the dog requires and what are their urgent needs. They all, without doubt, get offered the surgery that we deem appropriate to put them in good order for their next chapter. They are each given, without fail, a two week quarantine period at PFT. Each one is allowed to recuperate and relax for a few weeks in my care before their next journey. They all have beautiful warm outfits. They get walked if needed. They are taken away for weekend breaks or holidays down the coast. They learn how to behave in a car. Every night they get ‘family time’ altogether with the hoomans and resident dogs. They are also taught basic manners – which some clearly arrive without. The majority leave me as well balanced, healthy, nicely mannered sweethearts. Oh…and a suitcase with an assortment of goodies.

This, in a nutshell, is what we at PFT give our dogs.Camping

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