Update…Operation Tippy Toes


Tippy Toes has been taken to Rescuer Tamara’s vet as she’s currently on heat. The male dogs have been bugging her but can’t actually mount her because the back legs give way. Regardless of whether we proceed with “Operation Tippy Toes” or not, I have asked for her to now be sterilised accordingly.

The rabies blood test has been sent to USA and safely received. However, the test was toxic with saline so a second batch had to be sent. Hence – the delay. Due to communication problems, both Rescuer Tamara and I were not informed of this. We hope to have more updates on the rabies titre test within a week.

Rescuer Tamara continues to constantly go out of her way for Tippy Toes, whilst dealing/medicating/feeding/managing 36 other street dogs – all this without having her own vehicle to assist in the workload.

This lovely photo is of Tippy Toes and Rescuer Tamara having lunch together.TIPPY TOES

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