Sweet Pea – celebrity rescue doggie!

Our beautiful, beautiful, beautiful girl “Sweet Pea” is famous.

After four months of hard work, sadness, tears, and frustrations, my longest serving PFT foster dog, my most expensive PFT foster dog, my most challenging ever PFT foster dog…is finally home!!!! She has fallen on all four paws into the arms of her two new daddies in Moree.

She has also become quite a PFT “celebrity”, with 6,500 people on FaceBook following her journey, and the Moree Champion Newspaper doing a feature story on her as well.

Sweet Pea – abandoned at the vet in a condition that would make you weep, struggling stoically with all of her different health problems and finally being carefully placed in her new Sanctuary home 10 hours away from Sydney in Moree. THIS is what it’s all about.sweet pea

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