September doggie doings – rescued!

On 1 September 15 year old blind and deaf “Chappie” came into care at PFT. He had a perineal hernia, Grade 4 dental disease, and a yeast infection in his ears. After much discussion with our team of veterinarian professionals, we went ahead with surgery. His hernia was repaired, all rotten teeth were removed, abscesses and fistulas were cleaned up, and infection removed. Antibiotics were given and lots of pain relief offered. He’s home now, and recovering beautifully. He is also much calmer and eating more and putting on much needed weight. In time once he’s healed and had stitches removed, a kind and gentle home with one of our Sanctuary Dog carers and their other senior dogs is waiting in the wings. A huge heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the PFT supporters who gave generously to give this darling boy a second chance.