May Doggie Doings


On 7 May PETER PAN arrived at PFT under Duty of Care from Blacktown Pound. He was suffering from dry eyes, had very poor skin condition and had a serious issue with his “whistle”. After lots of TLC at Chateau PFT, numerous pamper sessions for his skin, and vet work and desexing, he became the perfect little doggie ready for adoption.

At 8 years old and massively cute, MOUSE was PFT’s 150th rescue in early May.

Handsome, sexy, debonair 12 year old RUSSELL, affectionately known as “Russell the Love Muscle”, arrived from the RSPCA in early May to search for his forever home.


On 4 May our beautiful white fluffy princess CREAM PUFF went off with her new Mummy Michelle to live on the Central Coast. Whilst in care at PFT she had been desexed, vaccinated, and had 8 rotten teeth removed.

On 19 May our very cute MOUSE went on a ten hour road trip to the farm with Foster Mummy Carol. Then on 26 May, after only a few short weeks with PFT, she finally went home to live with her new Mummy Mouse.

After 79 days in care at PFT and 12 professional washes to help with her skin condition, RASPBERRY finally went home on 28 May with her new Mummy Jane and her new brother ex-PFT doggie Smoo Bear.

On 30 May, after only three weeks with PFT, RUSSELL went to his forever home with his new work-at-home Mum and Dad, 2 teenagers, a young girl, a cat, chickens, walks, camping and lots and lots of love.


Sadly not all adoptions have happy endings. On the 28 May CRACKLE was returned to PFT and is now seeking his new forever home. He’s back in care now and looking brilliant.

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