June Doggie Doings


In June 6 dogs were rescued by PFT – Mavis, Arthur, Trinket, Frederic, Peanut Butter and Shuffles.


In June 7 dogs found their forever homes – Walnut, Peter Pan, Puddles, Crackle, Mavis, Arthur and Trinket.

Between two foster carers, PFT has remarkably cared for and found homes for these SEVEN gorgeous abandoned pound doggies in the month of June. Congratulations to the 7 new families. Heartfelt love and best wishes to 7 PFT babies. And a massive pat on the back to the 2 foster carers for all the hard work in getting these bubs into their forever homes (Mrs PFT & Foster Mummy Carol). For such a teeny, tiny rescue group – we’ve re-homed one timid 7 month old Chi, one special needs 3 year old, one 10 year old and four over 12 year olds in a mere four week period. Three went to the Central Coast, two to Melbourne, one to Armidale and one to Sydney. The workload that has gone into these 7 dogs has been immense. We are proud of our achievements. SEVEN dogs over a 4 week period is our most successful month yet.

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