Happy News


Hunky Dory came into care at PFT in Sydney on Friday 15 May, where he spent three nights, then travelled with Foster Mummy Carol to Moree on Monday 18 May, to begin his weight-loss boot camp on the farm. Along the way, they stopped off for a cuppa with a PFT supporter, and, well, it was love at first sight. Our boy is now ON HOLD pending an adoption. There, over a cuppa, he met his new mummy.

Although our boy won’t be ready to leave for another month or two, he has a beautiful new home, a new Mummy, and a happy beginning awaiting him.

And, he is going to a very special mummy. She was going to adopt our darling boy Tim Tam Tommy, who sadly passed away a couple of weeks ago under anaesthetic. It’s been an emotional time for her, desperate for a PFT Crusty, but with no seniors available at the time. She then decided on Cornflake, who had just been put on hold the night before with another adopter.

But she’s not going to let Hunky Dory slip through her fingers.HUNKY DORY 1

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