Donators – thank you!

Paws for Thought Rescue is a unique rescue group. Its main focus is on the vet care we offer small, elderly and sick dogs from the local pounds. We don’t take adoptable dogs, or cute dogs, or the dogs who are going to rehome easily and command a full adoption fee. PFT takes some of the costliest, sickest, most challenging and extremely emotional cases. Each dog who comes into our care comes with a price tag to the charity of $1,000 to $5,000. Last year we rescued 36 elderly and sick dogs from local council pounds who had no other options outside of PFT. Our vet bill for the last financial year was $67,000. Mr PFT and I can help on average 36 dogs a year to find safety, palliative care, a new home and much needed vet care to make their lives happier and easier. We are extremely grateful for the ongoing donations coming in to help us achieve this. As are the dogs. Thanks to all those who make this possible.