Bad Boy Billy’s – Walking for Crusties Fundraiser

“Bad Boy Billy”, a PFT Sanctuary Dog, has proven that where’s there’s a will, there’s a way, and when one puts their mind to it, to pay it forward, anything is possible. During March this little doggy walked each day to raise money for PFT.

And he SMASHED it!!!! The original target was $1,000. We reached that in less than 24 hours – as I knew we would because everyone knows how frickin’ amazing the PFT supporters are. So the goal was increased to $2,000. It was then increased to $3,000. Then increased again to $4,000. Finally we stopped the target at $5,000 because you people give so generously. A whopping $5,070 in total was raised.

Thank you.

Some of the donations were quite large. And there were a few behind-the-scene donations given at the same time which were simply mind-blowing. In summary…a fair whack of funds were raised privately and through this particular cause (approximately $8,000) This will assist with approximately 3-4 months of vet bills. The PFT account is now replenished and we can continue with what we do best…rescuing sick and old dogs from the Sydney pounds.

The biggest thanks goes to one little fat, fawn dog and his mum. They made this happen. They managed it. They kept me informed daily. They did the entire workload. “They” are the difference between me putting my hand up to take on a sick dog – or not. Please join me in thanking Mel and her fat little PFT dog “Bad Boy Billy” and all those lovely, jubbly, amazing, fantastic and very generous donators over the last month.

You all simply ROCK!!!10995886_814240631994210_3718317853580597746_n


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