“Rupert” – (No. 18)

Rupert 13Rupert – went to live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with a lovely family and their 3 gorgeous young boys.  Due to a previously  bad experience with adopting a rescue dog, Rupert had to be perfect – and I promised them that.  A few weeks later the family rang PFT in tears.  It seems that Rupert was not quite so perfect.  PFT asked to take him back to work with him a while longer.  During his return, PFT and adopter visited the dog park to see how Rupert would socialize.  As he raced around, head held high, grinning from ear to ear, the adopter said he was the most perfect dog and that she didn’t want to leave him at PFT.  So she got straight back in her car, Rupert under her arm, and drove off into the sunset.  Sometimes it just takes a little bit more work to get the perfect dog.

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