“Mr Foxy” – (No. 46)

Mr FoxyMr Foxy – PFT doesn’t mind admitting that there were a LOT of tears with this particular rescue save.  Seeing him on the pound website, day in and day out without any rescue tag against him, was breaking some hearts.  Seeing a video clip of a dog in a pen, where he reacted negatively next door meant that PFT was unable to offer him a space.  Upon a visit to the pound, they found this dog in a pen on his own, shaking uncontrollably with fright.  PFT broke down.  It was due to an experienced  dog owner on FB who offered to adopt this dog straight away and work with him, that meant PFT was able to go in a save him.  They did.  When he arrived into care he was a beautiful loving boy and proved everyone wrong.  This rescue was a rescue totally from the heart.

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