“Bruiser the Cruiser” – (No. 79)

Bruiser the CruiserBruiser – was a special dog.  It was just before Christmas Day and the pounds were shutting down for the holiday season.  One little dog had zero options.  His kennel card read “Staff members only.  Dangerous dog”.  Although tiny, no one could get near him.  The pound had no options and rung other pounds asking for advice and if they knew of any rescue group willing and able to take on a dog with behavioural issues.  PFT was recommended and Bruiser came into care that very day.  Within two hours, Bruiser was happily sitting on Mr PFT’s lap, and the rest is history.  He now lives with his mummy who is still friends with PFT.  He goes away for weekends and visits market stalls and lives a very happy life.

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