“ET” – (No. 24)

ET 12ET – special needs.  ET found himself at the pound.  His owners were located.  They wanted him back but couldn’t afford the release fees.  PFT offered to pay 50% of them.  However, there was something drastically wrong with this dog’s eyes and he appeared in pain.  The family were on welfare and couldn’t afford to even feed their kids properly.  The pound convinced them to surrender ET, and he instead came into care with PFT.  ET is very much special needs.  His eyes are nearly blind, and bulging due to no tear ducts.  Every day is like a migraine.  He went to SASH and we all eventually decided against surgery which was not even 50% guaranteed.  Medication was started and everything went well.  He is in care with a friend of Mrs PFT, who ensures that ET visits the specialist every 6 months and gets given his special eye drops twice a day.  Poor ET was only 8 months old when he came into care.

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