Señor Snorkie

On the 22nd November, Mrs PFT, did what is the norm in her world of worlds, she went online shopping … on a pound site! Unlike most of us who shop online for household items, clothes, holidays etc. etc., Mrs PFT shops online for old, crustie, wobbly, unwanted, neglected and forgotten dogs who sit on cold concrete at night at local pounds.  What she found that day was what I “thought” was an overgrown (hair wise) maltese, with a filthy matted long coat and his teeth sticking out of his mouth! I learned later that he was not infact a Maltese (more on that later). This little forgotten little soul, who to be honest, I wasn’t sure if he was surrendered or lost, needed someone’s help, and my dear friend of four years was the one who would jail break him out of the Pound and give him all the help he needed.


His name was Señor Snorkie.

Snork’s was taken by Mrs PFT to Dr Dave at North Ryde Vet’s and all appeared good with him physically, except for his rotten teeth and gums.  And of course he badly needed a good bath, groom and skin treatment as his skin had been badly affected by fleas.  One thing which I think was rare for a 9 year old in the Pound .. he was already desexed!!!  So no snip snip for him!

I knew through watching the Paws for Thought Rescue Facebook Page that this little boy was going to be fine.That Mrs PFT would give him everything that he needed to get his skin back to it’s healthy self, and see that all the nasty teeth were removed. (I mean, she is so good at this “rescue” stuff!). Oddly, the teeth poking out at the front of his mouth, I thought gave him his cuteness, kind of like his trademark, but apparently they had to come out as his gums and teeth were rotting.  I believe the poor love had around 18 teeth removed.

1425532_556037117814564_1342943378_n (1)

So I was sitting back, watching the story of this Señor Snorkie unfold,  this poor, desperate dog who one day finds himself in a Pound to next day, living it up and recuperating from dental work and skin treatment at Chateaux PFT!  I have to say, I wasn’t looking for another dog, however, I loved the stories on the PFT FB page.  He was my kind of dog .. a fluffy!  Pics were going up of Snorkie chillaxin at the Chateaux, getting better each and every day. Pics of him waking up in the mornings with “bed hair”. Pics of him snoozing in one of many comfy doggy beds.  I was thoroughly enjoying all of this and as I said, I wasn’t looking for another dog.  Had my two and they were enough for me … or so I thought!!

A week or so goes by and my dear friend Mrs PFT, who was aware I was having a tough year .. out of the blue calls me and asks me if I would like to be Snorkie’s new Mummy? Psychic powers suggested to her that he needed me and that I needed him.  She was spot on!  The following weekend, he and I met for the first time “in person” and fell absolutely head over heals fell in love with each other.

Snork’s came home, met his new brothers and to my surprise .. they all actually liked each other!  My only fear of my two other boys not taking to Snork’s was gone!!!  Lots of bottom sniffing, lots of introducing Snork’s around the garden, were only followed by lots of cuddles with each other .. on my bed!  This was going to work!

As the days go by, I start to think to myself, “this dog has odd legs for a Maltese, he seems rather teeny tiny for a Maltese”.  And then his papers arrive in the mail.  Breed of dog?  LOL not a Maltese but an Affenpischer!  Erh, what’s an Affenpischer???  Well I never told anybody I was an expert on breeds because seriously, there is only one breed of dog isn’t there?  That would be “Rescue” thank you very much!


Now what I haven’t mentioned yet is that Mrs PFT being “Mrs PFT” laid down the law with me.  She said to me that Snorkie was not a barker, was good with other dogs, so “don’t let your other two lead him astray!!”. Guess who now has a plastic water bottle spray for one of my naughty boys??   And the good part?  “Tanya, he is a latte dog, you now have a latte dog”.  A “latte dog”, I have a “latte dog?.  What is a latte dog you might ask .. because I had to!  A latte dog is one that you can take to the outdoor cafe with you! You know .. put a bit of bling on their collar and and go to the cafe and look mighty cool!!!  So guess what?  We do!

1525207_10202379860954470_659572986_n1601153_10202380097920394_1855800623_n1425585_10202380085920094_1188387642_n (1)

So aside from taking him on lots of little walks around the neighbourhood, him looking up at me smiling deliriously, me looking down at him smiling deliriously, I now have a partner in crime who can not only go to the cafe with me, but also to the Farmers Market on a Saturday morning!! How spesh!.  For the first time, we have been to Cafe Bones and enjoyed a fantastic day out with other PFT dogs, (as well as sip our our cappuccino’s and puppaccino’s darlink!), and listened to a squillion kids call out “PUPPY!!” at the markets while I sip on my cappuccino and Snorkie on his not so exotic bowl of water!  Señor Snorkie, the socialite Affenpischer who is NOT a Maltese! Who knew!


Life is looking and feeling fantastic .. and as my bracelet says .. “Who saved Who?”.

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