Thank you!


We had 4 fundraisers organised for us in August:

  • City to Surf – $1,600 raised
  • Country Raffle Glen Innes Extraordinaire – $1,4000 raised
  • Dog Lovers Show – $2,000 raised
  • Eye surgery for “Baby Cakes” and “Wombles” – $13,000 raised

$9,000 of these funds will go towards the eye surgeries for two dogs. The balance of funds will go towards future dogs coming into our care. PFT only exists with the assistance of donations.

So a huge, HUGE thank you to all those who donated recently to the fundraisers, to the PFT account, to the PFT Paypal account and for all those who continue to weekly/fortnightly/monthly donate by direct debit.

I would like also to express immense gratitude to Mel (Mummy Big Bad Billy) for the eyesight fundraiser, Wendy and Tracey for the Glen Innes raffle, Kiara, Eloise and Lauren for the City to Surf fundraiser.fundraiser

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