July Doggie Doings


In July 4 dogs were rescued: BonBon, Baby Bobby, Sir Jack and Sweet Pea. Sadly, BonBon was reclaimed by her owner. She needed the special PFT care but it was not to be.



Peanut Butter moved in with another PFT doggie called Walnut. Peanut and Walnut now have their happily ever after and are NUTS about their new home.Peanut Butter

July was a challenging month with commitments and vet visits. One week alone Mrs PFT spent 2 hours at the groomer, 2.5 hours at the Small Animal Specialist Hospital and 7 vet visits. On top of this Chateau PFT became a building site with workers everywhere, nowhere to put the dogs and exploding bottoms from two sick dogs! Chateau PFT went from 10 dogs (including the resident dogs) down to 5 in the space of three weeks. However, by the end of the month, calm and order was restored and PFT was back to good working order.

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