Goodbye Nanna


24 months ago I rescued a dog. She’d been found, chained to the fence of the local pound, where she’d been all night. She was the filthiest, dirtiest, smelliest dog I’d ever rescued. It took multiple washes and a full clip to get the stench off her. She had many health issues, was old and extremely wobbly. After 2 months in care, I asked my friend “Jana” if she would become “Nanna’s” new Sanctuary Mummy. They drove 9 hours up to Sydney, stayed the night and collected her the next morning before driving back home again.

Simply put…I could not have asked for a kinder, more caring, more dedicated Sanctuary Mummy than dear “Jana”. Her commitment to this old dog has been staggering. 22 months have since passed and the love affair between Dog and Mum has been a truly beautiful relationship to watch.

Recently “Nanna” became much older and very tired. Her Mummy had to let her go. Mummy Nanna, my friend – you did good.

Nanna crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 19 June.nana

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