Dog Lovers Show


On the weekend of 15 and 16 August Team PFT took part in the Dog Lovers Show in Sydney. To the supporters who came to visit and Team PFT who gave up their weekend – thank you. An awesome $2,000 was raised over the weekend.

My public thanks also goes to – the Canidae Natural Pet Food Company for supporting all the rescue groups by supplying them with stands at their cost; The Dog Lovers Show for their 24 hour hotline support, organisational skills, the free breakfast, the cleaning, the security, and the abundance of poo bags given out; Oscar’s Law, for admitting to being PFT stalkers and for nominating PFT to get a stand; and for Nova Pooch Rescue, our friends in rescue who guided us and helped us put everything together, and convinced us that we too belonged there on the lovers show 3

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