Mr & Mrs PFT

Never having owned a dog until she was a grown-up, then fostering dogs for another rescue group, Mrs PFT had already proven herself to be rather loverly jubberly, and more than a little bit special …..


Then, in May 2011 – at Renbury Farm shelter on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia …. ย she met Mr Bubbles …. and “Paws for Thought” Rescue began. Convincing Mr PFT to sell the unit they had owned for only a year to buy a house, Mrs PFT threw herself whole heartedly into rescuing precious little souls on death row.

Mr Bubbles

Rescuing 28 dogs, and rehoming 25 of them in their first year (which was really a little over 6 months) – Paws for Thought Rescue has gone from strength to strength. Mr & Mrs PFT do an unbelievably amazing job, personally fostering dogs, running the Facebook Page, working with supporters , pounds and other rescue groups and continuously promoting the importance of adopting dogs who are out of options. By the end of 2013 Paws for Thought Rescue will have saved the lives of over 130 dogs … and counting …. not bad for a “little Ma & Pa organisation”!

PFT Dog Gang

And Mr PFT? Well – to us supporters it seems he is always there, doing his own supporting, helping with the oodles of tasks that come along with rescuing. Despite, understandably, muddling the names of some of the vast numbers of dogs that have been through his home ๐Ÿ™‚ , and being Yoda’s Number. One. Favourite. Human. – Mr PFT is key to the success of Paws for Thought Rescue.


At the time of writing (December, 2013), Mr & Mrs PFT were forever parents of Yoda, Harley, Boris, Boof & Nugget – and foster parents to …… I don’t know, I can never keep track!


We love you, Mr & Mrs PFT – you are doing a awesomely fine job and are simply – brilliant!

Melisa (long time PFT supporter and little dog addict) … ๐Ÿ™‚



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